I Had to Admit He Was Right

One of the things that I like about my husband is that he is willing to keep me on my toes. He is really good at coming back at me when I give him an attitude or say something sassy to him. I like that he is willing to go head to head with me about something that I may have an opinion on. For example, my husband and I were looking at plantation shutters to put on the outside of our home and he told me that if we spent the extra money, that we would get back what we invested into them. I did not think that this was possible.… READ MORE

New Shutters Look Great in My Living Room

I wanted to do something different for my living room, but I was not sure what would make me the happiest. I knew that I could paint the walls a different color, but they had just been painted not even two years ago. I considered buying some new wall decor, such as paintings, but I knew that was not the right answer either. I took my time and thought of all my options, and I finally decided that looking at a plantation shutters company might just be the answer I was looking for.

I knew that new shutters could really change the appearance of my living room, and it was the first thought that I did not disregard within 24 hours. That alone told me that I was onto something. I looked at different businesses in the area that provide this type of service, but it was really an easy decision to go with Orange County Shutters after looking at quite a few different companies. I took my time on each website, because this is not like going to the department store and buying a 10 dollar set of window blinds.

This is usually a permanent answer to window treatments, and I wanted to make sure I knew all the ins and outs of whatever one I decided to go with. Everything with Orange County Shutters seemed to be perfect for my needs. Not only do they come to my house to help me decide which shutters will look best, but they do all the other work too. They measure the windows so there is no wrong measurements taken, and then they custom make all the shutters at their business. They then come out and install them, and all of this is done at a great price too. This was definitely the change I was hoping to make!… READ MORE

3D Home Designer Software – Home Designer Pro

Even though it comes with a fairly high price tag, Home Designer Professional Edition is definitely a worth investment. Serious designers and professional builders will realize that the $ 495 needed to buy this software will actually prove to be money well spent in the long run. Here are some reasons why Home Designer Pro has been named as one of the best home design software in the entire industry.

3D Home Designer Software - Home Designer Pro

At a glance

Designed, developed, and published by a well-known home design software design company, Chief Architect, Home Designer Pro is a program that has been created specifically for home and serious design enthusiasts. The latest edition of this program is version 9.0 and is similar to its predecessor, it also contains the same sophisticated tools used by actual professionals for various purposes including interior design, home renovation, landscaping, deck design, and even cost estimates.

This program basically combines all the main features of the program designed by other Chief Architects such as Landscape and Deck Designers, Interior Designers, and Home Architecture Designers. Plus, it also includes a myriad of the most advanced CAD tools available on the market today. With Home Designer Pro, users are given the power to make blueprints, roofs, manual framing, and many others. It’s almost like an all-in-one program that clearly justifies retail value that seems high.

Professional level

As mentioned earlier, one of the best features of this particular program is that it is able to produce output from a professional level. This capability is caused by none other than the advanced tools of this program which are leading in every term. Users can create floor plans that are scaled accurately and within minutes, automatically generate 3D models. Home Designer Pro also uses a high-tech 3D camera that really allows many different user views such as Cross-Sections, Elevation, Framing, Doll House, and Glass House. In addition to making a scale representation of one’s dream design before actually building it, users are also given the opportunity to take a virtual tour to ensure that they are more than happy with their plans.

But Still User-Friendly

Even though Home Designer Pro makes use of very sophisticated design tools, it does not fail to maintain the overall friendliness of the program. In fact, this program makes it a point to ensure that users will be able to navigate through the program with as few complications as possible. For example, there is a Quick Startup Option Guide that serves as an excellent resource for “how to” tutorials that serve all types of projects. The pre-installed House Wizard tool is also a great feature that makes designing a home a lot easier for less experienced users.

Many actual landscape and home design templates are also available for users to choose from if they don’t want to start from scratch. This template section is even equipped with decks, cabinets, colors, and more. If users find problems again with this program, they can use the online help system or watch dozens … READ MORE