4 Not-So-Obvious Reasons Why Furnace Repair May Be Necessary

Most people call for furnace repair when their system isn’t working at all. However, this isn’t the only reason to consider calling on a professional for assistance. There are some signs that you may need furnace repair that are not as obvious as a lack of heat on a cold winter day.

1. Higher Utility Bills

If you are noticing an unexpected spike in utility costs when using your furnace, it’s likely because it’s working harder than what’s normally necessary to keep everyone comfortable. Common reasons for this include clogged or dirty filters and parts that are worn or damaged. Dirty or clogged filters can also accelerate the normal wear and tear that occurs over the years.

2. Short Cycling

When a furnace starts a cycle, it’s supposed to run long enough to achieve and maintain the desired temperature. If a furnace kicks in and starts a cycle and then turns off quickly, it’s referred to as short cycling. It’s usually a lack of airflow that causes this problem, although blocked vents and dirty or damaged air conditioner coils can also contribute to this issue. Short cycling may also be due to the heat exchanger overheating, so this isn’t a problem that should be ignored.

3. Thermostat Problems

The purpose of your furnace‚Äôs thermostat is to tell the furnace when to turn on and off to provide sufficient heat. If a thermostat isn’t working right, it can cause a furnace to produce intermittent heat or uneven heating in different areas. In some instances, there may be no fan operating to force air through your home, or cycles may not start when it’s cooler indoors. Another sign of a thermostat problem is temperature readings that don’t match the actual indoor temperature.

4. Poor Indoor Air Quality

Furnaces do more than warm the air within your living spaces. They also circulate air throughout your home. If this air includes debris and other contaminants from ducts or from the unit itself, it could result in poor indoor air quality.

The type of furnace repair Conroe TX homeowners need can range from a few small adjustments and part replacements to more extensive work. Realistically, every furnace will need some attention now and then. Yet being aware of less-obvious signs that something’s not right can minimize repair expenses and reduce the odds of experiencing an unexpected problem when temperatures drop.… READ MORE