Creating Landscaping for Your Backyard Pool

A pool is often the hub of the home. This is where people gather together during the summer to relax and enjoy the warm weather. One of the most challenging aspects of maintaining a pool is integrating it into the landscape. A pool should be part of an entire yard design. If you have an existing pool or you are thinking about putting one in, you need to think about the kinds of ways you can make it work with the rest of the elements in your backyard. A thoughtful, well-chosen series of plantings and other specific items such as decking can really help the entire space look great. It can also help increase the overall value of your property. It will certainly make your neighbors envious of your backyard.

Consulting with Professionals

A professional can help you sort it all out and create a landscape that is pleasing the eye all year long. For example, working with a hardscape contractor is an ideal way to think about how to best use the entire property from the front yard to the backyard and every space in between. They can point out how to construct a deck that will allow for easier access to the pool as well as allow you to keep it safe. You may also want to think about features such as stones and the pathway to the pool. They can point out where you might wish to place it so as to allow for an easy way to get there.

Plants with the Pool

They can also show you how beet to use plants that are water resistant and will thrive under such conditions. You also want to think about the shade surrounding your pool. You want to have some shade but you don’t want the entire pool to be in shade all summer long. In that case, it can be helpful to think about how the sun effects the pool. You want to make sure that you have the kind of landscaping that will make the pool a retreat in the heat and look add a sense of color at the same time.

Placement of The Pool

A landscaper may also suggest where to place the pool if you are thinking about putting one in in the future as you plan your home. This can help you decide how best to use the yard all year long. In many cases, they can help you determine if you might wish to put the pool away from a grove of trees that might make it hard to keep the pool clean because there’s so much debris from the leaves in it each day. Some places also suggest that you bring in smaller landscaping elements such as bushes that can provide additional privacy and make it feel cool and green. If you put the pool closer to the house, they can also suggest which particular plants around the house will look best with the existing plants you have in place right now.