Disadvantages and Advantages of Oil Drilling

Disadvantages and Advantages of Oil Drilling

It is vital to start with the fact that petroleum is a remarkable energy source which is indispensable in today’s world for household, industrial and commercial requirements. Therefore, drilling is the safest and fastest way to extract it and to send it afterward on the market.

We can easily say that the drilling process creates numerous benefits for the global economy, and it can also increase the life in the aquatic environment by reducing the number of hydrocarbons from the oceans.

Sleeping in offshore living quarters, drilling all day long, that is the life of someone completely devoted to this particular industry. But, why is that happening and is it beneficial?

Of course, we cannot say that it is entirely beneficial because it comes with a wide array of risks of oil spills during the process, which could endanger the ecosystem. So it is essential to continually monitor and regulate the drilling operation to prevent dangerous threats to the ocean and life around us.

Universal Resource

When you extract the crude oil from the earth, it can be a useful resource, but it gains its best qualities after the refinement process. In its raw form, it won’t provide you the same energy benefits, which is why it gets refined into petroleum since the entire world turns on this particular resource.

Everything uses petroleum from mechanical parts to clothing, medicine, cosmetic and furniture products, and that is just a beginning because it could be refined to become gasoline which is the primary fuel we use for transportation.

Economic Benefits

The entire process that includes extraction, refining and using the by-products of oil requires thousands of people, and that is the main reason why whole industries are built for this particular reason. Since the oil industry depends on other sectors such as transportation, medical research, and shipping, it is the full circle that creates economic boost and job creation.

For instance, in Russia, oil drilling has created a new middle class, while drilling operations in the USA such as in Alaska always require new jobs, and the entire decrease of energy costs allowed them to stop importing energy from foreign areas.

Benefits For The Environment

Have in mind that oil pushes methane into the atmosphere and creates a long-term effect on the Ozone layer. At the same time, oil drilling tends to reduce the pressure of oil reserves, so that the amount of hydrocarbon could reduce as well as the production of methane.

Economic benefits are transparent and all around us, but did you know that extracting the oil can help the environment in a long-term, especially when it comes to oil platforms. Since natural seepage of oil is the number one pollutant, extracting means reducing the amount of this harmful substance.

The standard theory is that increasing the number of platform drilling operations will benefit both atmospheric and aquatic conditions.

You can check this website: https://www.eia.gov/energyexplained/index.php?page=oil_environment to see how oil affects the environment in overall.

Disadvantages of Oil Drilling

Even though we have counted both environmental and economic benefits that you will get by drilling oil, have in mind that everything comes with certain risks.

We have mentioned above that drilling accidents can happen, and since oil spills can create devastation to the aquatic ecosystem as well as the life of people on the coast, the entire idea of oil drilling has bad public attention.

At the same time, constant drilling can pump the number of toxins and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, but technology is changing, and everything has to pass specific regulations that have a goal to protect the world we live in.

Oil drilling has its benefits, but with consistent regulations and monitoring the risks will be at a minimum. Let’s see the main disadvantages of oil drilling:

  • The major problem that could happen due to oil drilling is the environmental issue that comes along the way. Since oil production rate tends to be higher, then it will be more useful, and that will in overall generate more gases.
  • It disturbs the ecosystem and organisms that live in areas next to the drilling sites or platforms. That is the fact, and we cannot fight it without stopping and returning everything to the previous state. And since the demand for oil increases and reserves are depleting, we shall see what will come next.
  • The success rate of oil drilling is low, which means that everything is unpredictable and the most holes are made with complete failure, which also affects the life in the ocean and people that live in coastal cities.