How Proper Landscaping Increases Home Value

Are you thinking about selling your home? If so, one of the best ways to increase resale value is through landscaping. Homeowners enjoy landscaping as a less expensive way to beautify a property versus the hassle of renovations. Many landscaping projects can be completed rather quickly. Home renovations can take weeks, if not months, to fully complete. An expert from HGTV recommends investing 10% of the value of your home in landscaping. In this post, you will learn landscaping tips for selling your home faster.

Plant with a Purpose

The first step you will want to tackle is having a project idea. Homeowners without an idea tend to end up with unorganized gardens. Landscaping will help beautify your property. However, haphazard gardening will create a look that might put off potential home buyers. You don’t need to go overboard, especially if you are a first-time gardener. It is best to start with a small area and branch out from there. Taking on too much at one time could leave you feeling dejected.

Health of Plants is Vital

You don’t want to be the homeowner that goes for quantity of quality when landscaping. Nothing will steer a buyer away faster than a yard full of dead or dying flowers. An unkempt lawn doesn’t help to paint a picture of what home is to a buyer. Removing dead plants from your yard is a must for increasing curb appeal. It’s understandable to feel a bit overwhelmed when surrounded by dying plants. Lancaster County Backyard can help bring a dying yard back to life again. An unkempt lawn will have plants growing over windows and near doors. If you plan on having a landscaped yard, ensure it will be well-maintained. The increase in the resale of your home is worth hiring outside help, if need be.

Colorful but not Overly Distracting

It is important to have the right balance of color when landscaping. Many homeowners choose plants that match well with the color of their home. There are a seemingly endless amount of colors to choose from. You will want to have a lawn that is accented with color not overtaken by it. Having too many colors and flowers could overshadow the home itself. Potential home buyers don’t want to be burdened with too many plant varieties to tend to.

In summary, there are several ways to boost the resale value of your home through landscaping. It is important that you have ideas together about your project. Landscaping with no plan could lead to green spaces that don’t work well together. You will need to set aside time to properly care for your plants. Almost nothing looks worse than a yard full of dead plants, especially when selling a home. It is wise to choose colors that accent your home. Mismatched colors are not going to be eye-catching. Following these tips will help ensure the retail value of your home increases.