Comfortable Interior – How to Design a True Home Style

Comfortable Interior - How to Design a True Home Style

Comfort is not just for Christmas. Comfort is a state of mind. Comfort is the end of the day when everything is peaceful. Comfort is a hug. Comfort is a blanket and a bright night sky. Comfort is a candle.

Of course we all describe comfort in very different ways. A minimalist will surely find one part of their home comfortable. To them. That would not be the same as my daughter’s definition, because it would not be possible to involve 27 teddy bears and Musical High School blankets.

So how do we make our home comfortable? What makes each of us feel ‘at home’?

There are a few common denominators, of course – crackling fire, great surface texture, but also less flattering lighting and intuitive design. This is an intangible factor of the house that is only considered if it is not functioning. Very rarely praise the comfortable flow of one’s home or the correct mood lighting. If they are done well, then these factors just fade smoothly into the fabric of the house.

Unfortunately, finding comfort at home isn’t always a case of investing in dozens of soft pillows. Comfort requires a personal definition, because while some are entertained by a basket of freshly cut logs, others prefer to surround themselves with stunning works of art, designer fabrics and expensive tassels to feel ‘comfort’. What does that mean to you?

Comfort at home is a fundamental part of human existence. Maslow identifies security as one of our most basic needs and I suggest that meeting this need, in the form of a home – shelter, escape – will mean that we are then more free to explore further into our more complex needs such as respect and self-actualization. Understanding home psychology requires more than investing in a pair of A350 curtain curtains.

Understanding what pleases you – what moves you, what lights your fire – is the first part of interior design. Appreciating what makes you happy or excites you – love for statues bought on a romantic weekend in Arles, paintings left by a grandparents, instruments played as a child – can inspire more than beautiful spaces. This will work far beyond coordination and design principles because it will be based on your life, your history and that personal element that will make the room extraordinary – very comfortable.

However, there are still rules to be followed that will help praise the ‘feel good’ factor of the object itself – be it an inherited Tiffany lamp or a simple patchwork pillow that catches your attention.

These rules are there to provide help – to show possible basic shapes, or color palettes. That thing, let’s say the copper cooking pot your grandmother always uses, will give you a scheme for the rest of the room. This will tell you whether to use curved or straight legs, it will suggest a traditional look or a more contemporary style. In short, this will give you a ‘feeling’ of a room. … READ MORE

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Decorating Tips For Cherry Dining Room Chairs

Decorating Tips For Cherry Dining Room Chairs

You might already have cherry dining chairs or stain in your space but you just don’t know what to do with them. These pieces can be quite expensive in fact they can be some of the most expensive pieces in the furniture store. However, they can be quality and really gives you the opportunity to bring in a rich and warm color into your space and airs of traditional and a classic manner. Here are a few tips for decorating with these kind of pieces.

You really are going to want to find a paint color that will compliment this kind of style. For instance, you can decide whether you want your furniture to blend in or stand out. This probably has a lot to do with whether or not you love the furniture. Another thing to take into consideration is the actual floor space in an overall room. If you want it to blend in then go with a warm color on your walls. Of course this would be orange, red and yellow. These colors can also be very appetizing so they are perfect for a dining room. However, you might be scared of using bold colors on your walls so you may just want to go with a taupe or brown that has warm undertones still it. This allows you to keep the room neutral, while still showcasing the beauty of the wood.

Go for cooler colors if you would like to really showcase your furniture because the rich warm color will really pop. You could also just use a neutral color such as a soft gold or even a gray. This allows you to really modernize the overall feeling of your pieces just by changing out the paint color of your walls. This is perfect because you’ll have to prime the actual pieces that you pay so much money for. It also gives you the chance to showcase your work.

You can really change up the entire feeling of the space just by changing one or two pieces of the set. For instance if you have a china cupboard you could consider adding lighting to the inside or you could even put wallpaper on the back so that a subtle pattern and color just peeks through. This will really break up the appearance of a heavy set in your room and also makes sure that your furniture looks unique and different from everyone else who might have shopped at the same store.… READ MORE

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