I Had to Admit He Was Right

One of the things that I like about my husband is that he is willing to keep me on my toes. He is really good at coming back at me when I give him an attitude or say something sassy to him. I like that he is willing to go head to head with me about something that I may have an opinion on. For example, my husband and I were looking at plantation shutters to put on the outside of our home and he told me that if we spent the extra money, that we would get back what we invested into them. I did not think that this was possible. How could shutters actually add value to the price of a house? I did not understand what goes into the shutters and I was curious to look up some information about them because I thought it was important to make an informed choice about the shutters before we put down any money on the ones we were looking at.

I went online and found the names of some realtors and called to ask them their opinion to get started, and they were more than happy to tell me what they thought about shutters in our area of town. Then, I went to the assessor’s office in our town to find out what they say about the value of a house and whether or not the shutters make a big difference. Since we live on the water, it is really easy for us catch some bad winds and in the case of a bad storm, shutters would simply have to be closed before the high winds started. It is really great how adding just a simple thing like a shutter could add value to the price of your home.